DATE : 1995

LOCATION : Ubud, Bali

CLIENT : IV International Bamboo Congress

MEDIUM : bamboo, natural fiber twine, reinforced concrete

SIZE : 50 ft x 9 ft x 60 ft

Commissioned for the IV International Bamboo Congress, the entire Campuan Bridge was 60 ft long — with two hillside approaches and a 30 ft span suspended 25 ft above the river. The site was a sacred gorge on temple ground known throughout the region, and five thousand people were to cross this bridge in a single weekend.

The structural engineer was a highly regarded Columbian “bambusero” Oscar Hildalgo, who has developed a technique of bamboo and concrete construction to build beautiful, safe, and low cost earthquake housing in communities of rural poverty throughout Latin America, Africa, and Asia. This third world technique provided Glassman the ability to produce radical permanent structural siteworks.